The Old Town Hall in Prague – czech book

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This czech version book, devoted to the history of the Old Town Hall, will provide interesting reading for all lovers of Prague history.

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This two-hundred-page book entitled simply The Old Town Hall is being published as an extensive reconstruction of the Old Town Hall in Prague – the purpose of which was to return the historic building to its original appearance – is finishing up. 

The book examines key moments in the Town Hall’s history from 1338 to the present. A separate chapter in the history of the Town Hall, as well as a vast, richly documented chapter of this book, is dedicated to the history of the Astronomical Clock and its decoration. The book details the Town Hall’s architectural development and its historical halls, describes its sculptural and artistic adornments, and offers an overview of significant burgraves, magistrates, and mayors of Prague. Of special note is a chapter discussing the eight architectural competitions for the rebuilding and completion of the Old Town Hall that took place between 1901 and 1987.

The book is richly illustrated with over 300 historical and current architectural plans, paintings, drawings, and photographs. It is available in both Czech and English.

Publisher: FOIBOS BOOKS s.r.o. 2018

Series: Famous Buildings

Authors:  Pavel Vlček (ed.) and a team of authors

Photos: Jiří Podrazil, Martin Frouz

Format:  260x235 mm

Number of pages: 200

Colours: 4/4

Binding: V4 + cover and dust jacket

Language: Czech

ISBN 978-80-88258-07-0  cz



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