Guided tours

Discover the beauty and history of Prague with our professional, licenced guides. Whether you are in Prague for the first time or fifth, we can tailor the tour to your wishes and preferences; or, you can choose from our “ready-made” tours below.

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Title Description Price
In Prague for the first time First time in Prague? Take in Prague's most beautiful sights on this tour: the medieval… 500 CZK
Prague castle - Seat of Czech Kings for a Millenium Come with us and explore the majestic Cathedral of St. Vitus,… 500 CZK
Infant Jesus of Prague, John Lennon Wall and the Lesser Town Come take a walk through the Lesser Town! 500 CZK
GENIUS LOCI: Old Town, Jewish Quarter and Charles Bridge This is the beating heart of the city - the Old Town with its… 500 CZK
Hradčany - The Home of Aristocrats, Monks and Ordinary People Prague and its magical atmosphere? You’ll find it in Hradčany! 500 CZK
Jewish Prague What treasures lie hidden in Prague's synagogues? And where is the creator of the… 500 CZK
Art Nouveau Prague See the most spectacular examples of Prague's Art Nouveau architecture and design and find… 500 CZK
Prague architecture through the centuries When walking through Prague with your guide, you will see examples of Gothic, Baroque, Art… 500 CZK
Prague an amazing open-air gallery of architecture Join us as we explore the centuries of architectural styles! 500 CZK
Modern Prague Prague's modern history and current life: From the Nazi occupation through the Prague… 500 CZK
Prague's Famous Personalities Prague was home and inspiration to many giants of the arts and letters. See the places they… 500 CZK
Night Prague During this walking tour you will see the mysterious places of Old Prague connected with… 500 CZK
Vyšehrad Czech history Uphill and Downhill. Your path leads you to legen-werathed Vyšehrad, to its… 500 CZK
Vinohrady a Vršovice La dolce vita. This easy walk is ideal for aesthetes and those who enjoy the finer things in… 500 CZK
The Karlín Story From Rags to Riches. An excursion to Karlín is ideal for those who are happy to leave the… 500 CZK
From Břevnov to Strahov The magic of (Semi) Rural Prague. This walk is quite undemanding, but offers a surprising… 500 CZK
From Bubenec to Troja An Idyllic Tree-Lined Stroll Among Villas. A romantic walk that takes you from the immediate… 500 CZK
Holešovice A District Reborn: From Graffiti to Industrial. This route is ideal for those who'd rather… 500 CZK
From Vinohrady to Žižkov and Back Again Serching for Bohemian Prague. This winding route takes you through the streets of Žižkov and… 500 CZK
Střešovice and Dejvice From Dreamy Villas to Socialist Skyscrapers. Střešovice and Dejvice both feature some… 500 CZK
From Holešovice to Old Town Head Back in Time to a Secret Garden. The walk creates both a literal and imaginary bridge… 500 CZK